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At the old battle sites in okinawa, various memorial monuments and museums were built to pray for. Orca underwater sightseeing cruiseokinawa island guide. Feb 20, 2017 two years alone in the wilderness escape the city to build off grid log cabin duration. Your support will go a long way in helping tour operators worldwide get back on. Yoyo male40 aged i saw the humpback whale this time. Voyagin is a marketplace to help you discover and book the best things to do, attraction tickets, and unique local tours. The prefectural capital of naha is within the island group. Tour price shall be paid in full no later than 21 days 11 days for day trips reckoning from one day prior to the departure date of the tour. Okinawa whale watching in winter okinawa private tours. So i choose to join the tour that only in this season whale watching tour. We can provide private taxi, private transport in japan.

Any additional fees incurred at the site will be the responsibility of the unit. From january to march, whales visit okinawa to raise their babies. Your tour may be paid for with your own unit funds. I will be arriving to okinawa in the beginning of august. We already concluded an acceptance of tours for this season. One of the most popular whale watching tours in okinawa. Many whale watching tours are held by local proprietors under the islands ecotourism. Okinawa things to see, things to eat, what to buy, things. Okinawa whale watching in winter private tour packages in. The story behind giant pigs and cows on okinawa just 20 minutes northwest of kadena air base is a peculiar sight. Heres my latest collaboration video with skylum software.

As a consequence, over 240,000 people, military and civilian alike, died in the battle, and more than the half of these victims were okinawan civilians. I wouldnt stress too much over whether or not february is a better month. Discover a group of humpback whales from alaska on your journey and. All tour prices include a knowledgeable tour guide and transportation. Okinawa whale watching in winter easy travel provides lots of 1 day sightseeing okinawa tour. Winter whale watching cruise from naha or chatan, okinawa. Okinawa whale watching in winter private tour packages. Access to the various okinawa islands is primarily via small airports which connect to naha. Zamamison whale watching association zamamison 2020. In the past, okinawa was known as the ryukyu kingdom, an independent state until the meiji era in the late 19th century. Top okinawa main island private tours and things to do. We will hand you the ticket to the aquarium after your whale watching tour. The mother whale nurses the calf without feeding herself and loses a lot of weight during this time.

We help you experience something new and create memories that will last a lifetime. The whale shark is a slowmoving filter feeding shark and the largest known living fish, growing as long as 40 feet and weighing in excess of 20 tons. Whale watching in okinawa is one of the popular tourism in okinawa in winter. Witness majestic whales on this popular whale watching tour from naha, okinawa. The zamami whale watching association, founded in 1990 on okinawas zamami island, is committed to ensuring the success of future migrations, and employs an ecofriendly stance when conducting tours. Hello amanda, even if you go in march, you are just about guaranteed to see whales. Whale watching in okinawa mustlovejapan video travel guide. Ryukyu mura, a recreation okinawan village that lets visitors experience the local culture. Okinawa churaumi aquarium sightseeing duration about 5 minutes the aquarium spreads like a dynamic marine world, appearing as a part that belongs to the okinawan ocean. Whale shark snorkeling okinawa city forum tripadvisor.

Whale watching tour in okinawa with a highspeed boat. The cerulean blue, surely should you find okinawa how to spend looking for. Humpback whale watching cruise and churaumi aquarium. Okinawa is the head of the island chain of the same name, and is situated nearly 700km south of mainland japan. Kadena marina is home to various marine activities such as diving, snorkeling, whale watching, fishing, jet skiing, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and more. The whale shark tours in okinawa, japan are helping to promote cruelty to animals.

The okinawa islands are the political, cultural and population center of okinawa prefecture. Emerald blue seas, coral reefs, mangrove swamps, sugar cane fields and shimmering white beaches are not the only things that distinguish these islands from the rest of japan. Whale watching is one of the most popular things to do if you go to kerama. Easy travel provides private tour packages and transportation in japan. Plan a day trip or walking tour and request an itinerary. A view of naha city, okinawa from our boat during the whale watching tour. Okinawa, okinawaken is japans southernmost prefecture, consisting of a few dozen, small islands in the southern half of the nansei shoto, the island chain which stretches over about one thousand kilometers from kyushu to taiwan. I will be staying in naha and im looking to snorkel with the whale sharks cant wait. This time is my 7 times to come to okinawa, but it is the first time to go. Dec 11, 2012 40 ton humpback whale leaps entirely out of the water. The kerama waters around tokashiki island and zamami island to the west of okinawa main island are the well known whale watching mecca. Tours marine corps community services okinawa, japan. In this activity in okinawa you will have the unique chance to swim among whale sharks, the worlds biggest species of fish. Feel the magic of whale watching in okinawa on this three hour cruise and come face to face with natures most majestic creatures.

You can enjoy the day trip whale watching tour from naha. Apr 20, 2018 heres my latest collaboration video with skylum software. You will board a large cruiser with maximum capacity of 28 people. Humpback whales travel more than 5,000 kilometers every year to breed in okinawas warm waters. Just as expected, my wife and two daughters were suffering. Enjoy other tours such as northern highlights or subshipnaha. May 30, 2016 the ocean is both terrifying and fascinating to me, a home to some of my absolute favourite creatures.

Please like, share and comment on the video as it will help others find it and allow us to keep on making videos. If, like me, you prefer to see them in their rightful place the ocean, then youre in luck if you happen to be in okinawa between january to april. One of the lighthouses in naha city, okinawa, japan. You can enjoy snorkeling or diving with the goodnatured 4meter long whale sharks and have a truly memorable experience. Bus of the main island of okinawa, operation information of the airport limousine bus, route, fare and time tables can be searched. Two years alone in the wilderness escape the city to build off grid log cabin duration. You will be able to see the worlds first living coral largescale breeding, and through the worlds largest acrylic panel the worlds first whale. I take to the waters off the coast of motobu, okinawa to try and photograph humpback whales. They are, by far, the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate, and are thought to have originated about 60 million years ago.

Okinawa winter whale watching tour nahachatan departure. We have lots of interesting tour packages in okinawa, tokyo, osaka, kyoto and hokkaido. The 10 best okinawa main island tours private guided tours. Times are tough for the travel community right now. We can also guide you to shuri castle, churaumi aquarium, zamami castle, chatan village. Humpback whale spotted breathing out of the water in okinawa, japan. Okinawa whale watching tours depart both from naha and from the kerema islands including ones arranged by various us military branches check comments at bottom of post or local japanese tour operators. Children under 5 can enter for free, so a ticket will not be provided for them. But, if you stay at zamami island, you can get opportunities for the many seen of watching whales and touching with beautiful natures. Okinawa divers against whale shark tours home facebook. The 10 best okinawa main island tours private guided. Visit okinawa main island, japan with local guides. Aboard the blue line for our whale watching tour in okinawa, japan. Sperm whales can be seen yearround and humpback whales are spotted around the coasts from winter to spring.

Although the first option might be the easiest, especially for people with no japanese language ability, the zamami whale watching. Discover a group of humpback whales migrating to their. Join us on a whale watching tour in the surrounding warm waters of the east china sea. Some humpback whales sticking their flippers out of the water in okinawa, japan. So the mother comes here to warmer seas to rear the calf. You may customize your tour to fit your units needs. The ocean is both terrifying and fascinating to me, a home to some of my absolute favourite creatures.

Can someone please recommend a guidagency who speaks english and can also pick me up from. Fascinatingly, okinawa was once the centre of the ryukyu kingdom. During winter, whales come to okinawa, particularly around kerama islands. See the glorious humpback whales swimming off the coast of okinawa with this winter whale watching tour. If you want to go whale watching in okinawa, the season starts in late january. Zamamison whale watching association zamamison 2020 all. Easy travel provides lots of 1 day sightseeing okinawa tour. Departing from both naha and chatan near the onna area, enjoy a morning or afternoon cruise near the zamami islands. Witness majestic whales on this popular winter whale watching tour from naha or chatan, okinawa.

The kind of whale is humpback whale that travel from alaska. If you want to go whale watching in okinawa, the season starts in late january and ends in late march. The orca underwater sightseeing cruise offers the opportunity to observe colorful tropical fish swimming right in front of you, in a. The islands that make up japans current okinawa prefecture are the result of a turbulent history that still comes into play to this day. There are many whale tours, and there are cruises departing from defferent ports, naha, itoman, chatan and other places. Okinawa main island west coast bus tour with multilingual audio guide pen, roundtrip from naha visit okinawa churaumi aquarium, the most popular aquarium in okinawa which features one of the largest aquarium tanks in the world. After whale watching, please make your way to the churaumi aquarium on your own. In the previous year, over 22,000 guests hopped on board to see majestic 15 meter long whales swim in their natural habitat. Easy travel provides various activities such as whale watching, summer marine sports, golf, diving, and so on. Mar 14, 20 whale watching tour okinawa, japan whale watching in okinawa, japan is a popular activity as they swim in the area for breeding around the months of january and april. Please feel free to contact us for regular sightseeing bus tour of the main island of okinawa.

Learn all about the gentle giants with the help of a. Watch these mammothsized creatures surface around the kerama. There are many starting points of the tour, including naha, yomitan, and onna on the main island, as well as zamami island. Okinawa also known as the ryukyu islands, it consists of a chain of about 70 islands and islets strung out over 1,000km that reaches almost to taiwan.

Other areas, including northern okinawa and ie island, also offer whale watching tours. Using this service, you can charter your bus which is most suitable for your group and visit many attractive sightseeing spots. Answer the call of the wild and try one of the many offshore fishing tours where you can try your hand at catching mahimahi, tuna, marlin and more. According to your preference, youll be able to choose between a morning or afternoon tour departing from naha or chatan, with a hotel pick up even included from naha area hotels. The orca is the perfect option for people looking for the easiest and safest way to enjoy okinawas fascinating underwater world without even changing into a swimsuit. Book your shore excursions with us now this is an exclusive tour by our chartered vehicles. Winter whale watching cruise in okinawa klook travel. Also, you may encounter brydes whales, shortfinned pilot whales and cuviers beaked whales if you are lucky. Okinawa was the scene of a fierce ground battle at the end of world war ii.

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