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Jul 12, 2011 fred bear started bear archery during the great depression to share his longtime passion of archery and hunting with others. Vtg bear whitetail hunter compound archery bow 50 to 60 pounds ebay. The waltham pocket watch 17170235 is a model 1900, 16jewel ladies watch with a hunter full case. The whitetail was my first compound bow, as was a whitetail hunter was my dads. Oct 28, 2010 the grip, while slightly deeper front to back than i normally prefer, was comfortable at full draw. Bows 19701979 click photos to zoom archery history. This is helpful as it makes the draw easier than a traditional recurve bow on the draw, preventing fatigue during hunts or target shooting. What is the value of a bear whitetail hunter compound bow.

The early grayling bows of 194748 were static recurves called the deerslayer, bush bow and hunter, plus three longbows called the field, rover and ranger. Vintage and antique bows shop here for great deals on hardtofind vintage bows from fred bear, ben pearson, and other early model wood, fiberglass and composite recurve bows. His spirit, vision, and craftsmanship have stood the test of time. Vintage bear compound bow whitetail hunter 1970s usa 30 50. Fred bear sold the company to victor comptometer in 1968, but remained the president of bear archery. How to shoot a compound bow for beginners duration.

Bear archery moved manufacturing from michigan to gainesville, florida in 1978. Vintage bear whitetail hunter compound bow with arrows ebth. Highest bidder must purchase item and buyer pays shipping. Bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow nostalgic gear tag video bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow. One second everything looks good, the buck is heading toward your shooting lane. The next book was fred bear s field notes, first published in 1976. Al has studied bear archery for many, many years and is considered by everyone as the king of information regarding bear archery collecting. I gotta say, after a decade or more of not keeping up on all the latest and greatest stuff, i am bit gearbewildered. Its no wonder that when he released his first compound, the wh, people were quick to jump on board. The most important consideration is probably the distance youve set and practiced with your compound bow. Apr 30, 2015 joe rogan calls legendary archer and bow hunter john dudley phenomenal duration. Jan 04, 2018 the bear archery difference compound bow hunting is as strong as ever. Lists of compound bow makers are found at websites such as hunter s friend.

By far the most popular and commonly found bow will be a bear archery recurve or longbow. Its a bear whitetail hunter, suggested by the white stamp of those words above and below an image of the head and neck of a dear in 34 profile, on the face of the upper limb, the number on the inside of the upper limb is wh90306, on the. This bestseller has taken shooting and hunting to the next level. Master bow builder series part 1 preparing the stave. So, as an example, when choosing a whitetail bow lets say one from bear archery products ill make mine a method 6. The total bowhunting manual book by scott bestul and dave hurteau. Jim sweeney custom bow built 1973 original design was four wheel version, later converted to two wheel version.

The grip, while slightly deeper front to back than i normally prefer, was comfortable at full draw. He was a hunter, outdoorsman, author of hunting books and is considered to be the father of modern bow hunting. The new compound bows from bear archery raised hunting. Online shopping for compound bows archery from a great selection at sports. Protective rail lube for archery compound recurve bow xbows. Vintage and antique bows flinging arrows archery gear. May 26, 2017 the bear whitetail hunter was a common bow in its day, and is now a relic im happy to own.

No other bow delivers a higher performance to value ratio than a bear. And to be honest, its one of the best budget bows available for 2019. It shoots and feels great and is a pretty fast and quiet bow. The features of this compound bow reduce friction, which in turn increases the cable life of the bow.

Bow manufacturing changed from handmade bows to mass production using fiberglass and other modern materials. I received some advise from one of the most successful bowhunters at the bow shop i frequented in the early 80s that still sticks out in my mind today. Fred founded bear archery in 1933 which quickly flourished due to his dedication and passion for archery and the outdoors. So i just picked up an old bow and hoped someone could give me an idea of its history, quality or value. Users can enjoy archery to the fullest with this exceptional bear lights out bow. Bear archery grew out of the life and work of legendary sportsman fred bear. Shop the most dependable and adjustable compound bows on the market. It is a bear archery white tail hunter from the early 80s, the serial number is wh482990, i dont know if that will help.

Bows made in the last few years will have the model name on them. Noise damping technologies like sonicstops, a string vibration eliminator, and the lock down pocket system, which provides the industry. More pointed, the arrows you choose have much to do with the decibel levels a bow produces after release. Bear started more than 85 years ago when he made is first traditional bow.

After doing my homework, i learned quite a bit about this bow designed by the legend himself. Bear archery compound bows feature incredible adjustability and customizability for the price paid. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Compound bow topoint archery package m1, 1930 draw length,1970lbs draw weight,320fps ibo limbs made in usa. A vintage whitetail hunter model compound bow by bear. Past 30 yards, bowhunting for whitetail deer becomes much more a game of luck and guesswork. You bought a bear whitetail compound bow, but the draw weight isnt set to your liking. If you are shopping for a used compound bow or have other needs for knowing the year the bow was produced. With the coming of the compound bows, bear introduced his famous whitetail hunter and the rest is history. Honestly a good modern compound bow tuned for you is by far the best bow for whitetail hunters. All bear compound bows are adjustable over a 10pound range. Leader accessories compound bow 5070lbs 25 31 archery hunting equipment with max speed 310fps, right handed.

By far the most popular and commonly found bow will be a bear archery recurve. How to determine what year a compound bow was made gone. Bear also hit the mark with a smooth draw cycle, as the attached draw force curve affirms. Archery was not one of the first compound bow manufacturers, but eventually found success with early models like the whitetail hunter. The bear archery website has a list of every model released in recent years and what year it was launched.

Soon after came bear s kodiak line of bows and in 1961 the tamerlane. How to adjust the draw weight on a bear whitetail compound bow. When you have an older bear bow it is not always simple to age it. Nov 20, 2008 how do you adjust the poundage pull on a bear whitetail hunter compound bow. How do you adjust the poundage pull on a bear whitetail. By the 1970s bear had earned a tremendous reputation from his quality traditional bows. There is a label on the bow that has the specifications for. Fred bear video theaterthe oldest game bowhunting vhs. Good luck and good bow hunting during the good old days. This compound bow comes all the way from back in 1981. Overall, the bear attack is a solid hunting bow with excellent shooting characteristics and performance results. Check a bear bow the name of the maker for a series of different criteria to determine its age.

Sure, i collected football and basketball cards as a kid and still hold onto a few unique coins every now and then. Genesis bows original youth bow with six arrows bundle choose your color. There are different bows for different activities, and there are options to fit every archers specific needs. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands. Bow case, camoflage cobra release and practice arrows are included. This serial number works very well for dating bear bows from 19651969 when the first digit of the serial number is.

Bear whitetail hunter compound bow with arrows ebth. For me its my bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow. Jennings unicam 1987 bear archery compound bow kit 1981 bear archery 1983 biotech single track cam. Vintage bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow string. Get a great deal with this online auction for a compound bow presented by property room on behalf of law enforcement or public. Gently used fred bear whitetail quest bow in excellent condition. Your new bear archery compound bow is the finest available. Bear whitetail hunter featured 3 weight adjustment system. Field stream the total bowhunter 261 essential skills paperback. That friend is my first compound bow a bear archery alaskan 6wheel model introduced in 1977.

Five aluminum hunting arrows and four metal arrow tips are. Bear bows have been in production for decades and use a slightly different method of dating the bows. Its difficult to choose a single compound bow as the best overall, but what i recommend in the majority of cases is the diamond infinite edge. For this reason, we ask you read the care and maintenance section. The whitetail hunter was a bow designed by fred bear as compound bows were starting to make serious noise in the archery scene. Bows list of available highperformance models including base prices and optional. With combined diamond performance and versatility, this bow features draw length adjustment from 31, and draw weight adjustment from 5. New bows come from the factory set at the peak weight, and a used bow may be set anywhere in the range.

I was amazed at the price for such a high quality bow, the scope that comes w it is as good as. Jennings wood riser compounds photos by tom lemme, lemmes archery archery world magazine january 1974 carrolls archery 1977 b series. You are bidding on a bear whitetail hunter lefthanded compound bow. New bear cruzer lite youth bow 545 lb complete ready to hunt left hand. A place where fans of archery bowhuntingcrossbow enthusiasts can mingle and talk about their craft. What are the specs for a bear whitetail hunter bow answers. This bow was bought to replace one that i owned for many years but got stolen. Cocking a 150pound crossbow such as this discontinued fred bear by hand can. The basic information i use to identify the bows of bear archery co. Some common sense precautions are necessary in the purchase and intended use of any old bow. Bucks change their minds and their direction of travel on a whim.

Since then, bear archery has made many advancements while continuing to focus on quality. Jun 10, 2014 the bear whitetail hunter bow can shoot up to 340 fps and it has offset string suppressors to make it less noisy. Barnett whitetail hunter ii crossbow 350 feet per second ready to hunt. This was a comprehensive book about archery and freds involvement with it. All international items will ship via usps priority or global express for tracking purposes. Bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow nostalgic gear tag.

The first is that compound bow brands like bear archery are continually innovating. First, if your bow is all wood, meaning that there is no laminations of any kind, then your bow had to be made before the mass production beginning in 1949. Get the best deals on bear hunter bow when you shop the largest online selection at. Browse a selection of bow hunting hunting trips directly from outfitters. These bows usually have, what appears to be a hand inscription on one of the limbs that gives a serial number along with the length and pull weight of the bow.

The bow features a camouflaged epoxy resin body, a righthanded draw, and bear branding throughout. How much better than my older compound bows remains to be seen. That said, many choose to hunt whitetails with recurves or longbows as well. Bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow nostalgic. Visit the bear archery website to date newer model bows. Get a great deal with this online auction for a bow presented by property room on behalf of law enforcement or public agency client. Reviews of the best compound bows for 2020 archery has evolved from a primitive means of hunting to a modern sport with advanced technology and a plethora of brands. Cosmetically this comes exactly as shown in the pictures, each picture can be enlarged by clicking on it. I feel like we have yet to see the first compound bow to be come a classic the same way so many trad bows have. It has been engineered for accuracy, long life, and built with quality and pride. The difference was the inboard pulley configuration.

Then, a large standing bear with glass powered bow written under it was placed on bows from 1953 to 1955. Most of the bows made after the early 1950s are still very usable, but there are no guarantees that come with any of them. Bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow nostalgic gear tag video i was tagged by leo from the irish zombie nation youtube channel to talk about a piece of gear that had nostalgic value. In 1966, his inventive genius and promotional tenacity was recognized by his induction in the sporting goods industry hall of fame. It also features quad limbs for a vibration free release. Ragim traditional brown bear recurve hybrid archery bow lefthanded 58 50lbs. Because of this limitation, bow hunters are often treated to closerange interactions with the animals they pursue, which makes this type of. May 30, 2012 6 books every whitetail hunter needs to read im an admitted book reading fanatic and the addiction is especially noticeable when it comes to whitetail hunting related reading. Bear archery is a manufacturer and marketer of bows and archery equipment located in.

Dad has the whitetail hunter, which has fixed pulleys that you bolt onto the inboard racks. Its a bear whitetail hunter, suggested by the white stamp of those words above and below an image of the head and neck of a dear in 34 profile, on the face of the upper limb, the number on the inside of the upper limb is wh90306, on the lower limb is another stamp with the bear logo and states that the bear compound bow is licensed. Fred bear was the founder of bear archery company of grayling, michigan, and also operated the former fred bear museum in grayling. This earlymodel bear bow has a twentyinch draw length and three weight settings. The value of the bow would be determined by all the other things that would make it a good bow in the first place. Ive read more deer hunting books than i can remember, but a handful do stand out. Jim cox black ram 1987 browning archery 1982 with xcellerator cams. Bear archery was not one of the first compound bow manufacturers, but eventually found success with early models like the whitetail hunter. I got mine in 1978, a dumb wannabe bowhunter a year out of grad school with no money and big dreams. Got a question, cant see what you want or, need help. Bow hunters must restrict their shots to a range of 45 yards or less in most cases, depending on the hunter s ability and equipment. I always wanted a compound bow, but this crossbow was such a good deal that i couldnt pass on it.

The draw is extremely smooth and effortless, making this bow a joy to shoot. Find great deals on ebay for bear whitetail hunter compound bow and bear whitetail hunter compound bow parts. I found the bow in my dads garage and would like to use it for target shooting. Has a swivel grip and early original v steel arrow. It details many of freds remarking hunting adventures. A bear whitetail hunter compound bow with an assortment of arrows. Bear whitetail ii compound bow left handed how to adjust draw weight and length compound bow bear cruzer draw length and weight adjustment, most archey shops will put it on a scale for free. A compound bow uses cams and pulleys to assist with the bow s draw. This dude is being sneaky and trying to rip me off bc i know nothing about bows. This bear bow is designed with the most avid hunters in mind. We know how much you are going to enjoy your new bow. Bear whitetail hunter compound bow get a great deal with this online auction for a compound bow presented by property room on behalf of law enforcement or public agency client. The third book was fred bear s world of archery, published in 1979. Vintage bear archery whitetail hunter compound bow 39 string rh wh387401.

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