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The federal clean air act section 608 sets forth the requirements for handling, reclaiming, recovering and recycl ing of certain refrigerants and the equipmen t that is used in these service procedures. The replacement nomenclature thus, aza, oxa, and thia are prefixes for a nitrogen ring atom, an oxygen ring atom, and a sulfur ring atom, respectively. Nomenclature roduct pecifications omenclature 3642 5,6,7,8 11,12 brand engineering singlepiece major minor revisions air handler not used for inventory management unit application refrigerant charge ceiling mount psc motor no digit r22 only downflow psc motor 6 r410a or r22 multiposition variablespeed motor multiposition. Model nomenclature t better 2 r22 g good 4 r410a product type a air handler trane convertability product type m multipoise 4way w split heat pump f upflow front return, 3way t split. Swep is a worldleading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for hvac and industrial applications.

For example r402a and r402b are made up of the same refrigerants, but with different percentages of each refrigerant. Ae444 application guidelines for copeland rft, rrt. Instructions pertaining to risk of electrical shock, fire, or injury to persons. This collection is very useful for jee candidates to crack their. Ae444 application guidelines for copeland rft, rrt, rst. The parker r series refrigeration valves consist of a family of direct and pilot operated solenoid valves for liquid, suction and hot gas defrost application requirements. Opteon refrigerants low global warming potential refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration. The highly reliable semihermetic series is designed to be robust and suitable for a variety of refrigerants. Handbook of green building design and construction second edition, 2017 related terms. Refrigerant history and nomenclature part 2 forward. Addendum c to ansiashrae standard 342001 3 a the molecular mass and normal boiling point are not part of this standard. Piping packages factoryassembled piping packages available. Following the discovery that some of these chemical compounds may be harmful to the environment, they are being replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives see figure 5. R1234yf information the information in this chapter about the use of refrigerants of the a2l safety group refer to european regulations and directives.

The following dates and events illustrate the development of the industry and the variety. Recommendations for authors of publications on refrigerants are given. Refrigerant types, issues, trends and future options. Refrigerants can be broadly classified based on the following. The generally preferred oil for use with hfcs is a polyol ester poe that has an additive package for refrigeration applications. Refrigerants are classified by ashrae, and their familiar r numbers are assigned according to certain rules. Operating envelope there are various refrigerants that have been approved. I was studying the designation of names to refrigerants. Choice of controls thermostats can be analog, digital display, or programmable. The designation rxyz is determined by the chemical composition of the molecule, as described below. Designation and safety classification of refrigerants. State the number of vehicles based at this location that.

The refrigerants have a thermodynamic property charge. It establishes a uniform system for assigning reference numbers, safety classifications, and refrigerant concentration. Classification of refrigerants, refrigerants, assignment help. The nomenclature of medical devices is a coding system used to generically identify medical devices and related health products. Static sparks typically occur from clothing, iron screwdrivers, bad electrical grounding, or a torch switch turned on.

The 2stage reciprocating compressors are designed for an extensive application range and boast an optimised drive gear and efficient motor. Jan 10, 2017 therefore, i present our first two part series, refrigerant history and nomenclature. Nomenclature the systempro hfchfo compressor model numbers include the nominal capacity at the standard ari 60hz rating conditions. The evaporator is a heat exchanger that allows heat from the chwr to flow by conduction into the refrigerant tubes. The main difference is that a relatively weak spark can ignite a flammable mixture.

Information for refrigerants of the a3 safety group, e. A broad range of disciplines energy conservation and air quality issues, construction and design, and the manufacture of temperaturesensitive products and materials is covered in this comprehensive handbook of air conditioning and refrigeration by shan k. Outdoor coil fan direct drive fan moves large air volumes uniformly through entire condenser coil for high refrigerant cooling capacity. Refrigerants with either nitrogen or oxygen molecules in their structure, such like ammonia, are separately grouped and contain a separate nomenclature from the halogenated refrigerants. Further information can be found in the latest version of standard 34, available. In regions outside the eu, observe the local regulations. Fourth generation refrigerants for the 21st century. With increasing regulatory and legislative actions to limit production, use, or emission of specified. Vertical air discharge minimizes operating sounds and. Classification can be divided into class 1, class 2, class 3. Pdf refrigerant types, issues, trends and future options. Some remarks on the nomenclature of refrigerants sciencedirect. Isomers are chemical compounds that have the same atomic compounds and molecular weights, but different molecular structures and properties. Opteon refrigerants for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump applications have the optimal balance of performance.

New, natural and alternative refrigerants by dr s f pearson of star refrigeration limited introduction it is an honour to be invited to present this paper despite the rather daunting title. For the rft, rrt, and rst compressors the refrigerant charge limit is 3. Please provide the name, address, and telephone number of the establishment where the refrigerant recovery or recycling devices is are located. Nomenclature refrigerants are classified by ashrae, and their friends r numbers are assigned in accordance with certain rules. Mixtures are designated by their respective refrigerant numbers and mass proportions as in the example fig. Refrigeration system r410a refrigerant nonchlorine, ozone friendly, r410a. Originally the title given was new and alternative refrigerants but i was also asked to.

According to an international agreement, refrigerants are represented by the letter r as in refrigerants followed by a two or threedigit number and, in some cases, one or two letters. Refrigerants a refrigerant is a substance or a heat carrying medium which during a refrigerant cycle. Oct 04, 2016 hey guys, refrigerants is nothing but. All valid standards and codes for installing, servicing, and maintaining electrical and refrigeration equipment must be observed. The primary refrigerants are those that pass through the processes of compression, cooling or condensation, expansion and evaporation or warming up during cyclic processes. Until recently, refrigerants were referred to by standardized designations or trade names. The tables contained on this page list approved refrigerant numbers from ansiashrae 342019, designation and safety classification of refrigerants, the latest edition of standard 34, which describes a shorthand way of naming refrigerants and assigns safety classifications based on toxicity and flammability data. Thus, you can well understand the importance of hydrocarbons in your daily life. Indirect systems with secondary refrigerants or coolants have in sweden long been used for ice rinks and heat pumps and are today increasingly used by supermarket chains for cold storage, cooling. The company is recognized as one of the largest hvac heating, ventilation, air conditioning manufacturers in the world. Here it gives up the heat into the refrigeration system. The extent of segregation depends on the particular azeotrope and hardware. Nomenclature of refrigerants or designation of a refrigerant. Please refer to product literature for specific model number details.

Refrigerants are classified according to their way of absorption or extraction of heat from substances stored in the refrigerator. A3 refrigerants a3 are refrigerants with a higher flammability risk than a2l refrigerants. The nonhalogenated refrigerants follow a different naming convention which is dependant upon the series of the refrigerant. Jan 17, 2017 to develop the nomenclature for common refrigerants, ashrae developed standard 34, designation and safety classification of refrigerants. The environmental alternative to traditional refrigerants. Chemical refrigerants are assigned an r number which is determined systematically according. These are the mixtures of two or more refrigerants and acts as a compound. Refrigerant history and nomenclature part 2 forward engineers. Now that you know a little more about the history and general types of refrigerants i recommend you read part 1 if you havent already its time to get to the really interesting part, refrigerant nomenclature or naming convention. Pdf seminar is focused on the fundamentals of vapor compression refrigeration. A comparison between refrigerants used in air conditioning derya ozkan, ozden agra and ozlem cetin university of yildiz technical university, turkey corresponding email. Refrigerant compressors must be employed only for their intended use. In this unit, you will learn more about hydrocarbons. Fellow ashrae mcquay international staunton, virginia usa 1 what is a refrigerant.

Controls can be interfaced with a building automation system, or operate on a standalone basis. Generally, an ebook can be downloaded in five minutes or less. Class 1 refrigerants used in the standard compression type cooling system. Therefore, i present our first two part series, refrigerant history and nomenclature.

This standard also provides safety classifications for flammability and toxicity of refrigerants, but this article will concentrate on the naming only. As demonstrated in figure 4, the higher the mie, the. The newly chilled water leaves the evaporator and is pumped through the chilled water supply chws piping into the cooling coil continuously and the water cycle repeats. Refrigerant history and nomenclature part 1 forward. The following is a list of refrigerants with their typeprefix, ashrae designated numbers, iupac chemical name, molecular formula, cas registry number blend name, atmospheric lifetime in years, semiempirical ozone depletion potential, net global warming potential over a 100year time horizon, occupational exposure limitpermissible exposure. To develop the nomenclature for common refrigerants, ashrae developed standard 34, designation and safety classification of refrigerants. Nomenclature of refrigerants or designation of a refrigerant refrigeration and air conditioning mechanical engineering notes edurev notes for mechanical engineering is made by best teachers who have written some of the best books of mechanical engineering. With regard to environmental impacts, the preferable refrigerant is butane. The valves are compatible with virtually all of todays commercially available cfc, hcfc and hfc refrigerants and blends. Designed to make the most efficient use of energy, material, and space, the technology is quickly winning ground around the world, with swep at the forefront of developments. Classification refrigerants primary refrigerants secondary refrigerants primary.

They are also used as the starting materials for manufacture of many dyes and drugs. This document is highly rated by mechanical engineering students and has been viewed 40 times. Mie would allow greater charge sizes to be used for refrigerants with lower 2l burning velocities or for refrigerants that approach the nonflammable limit. Download handbook of air conditioning and refrigeration by. Classification of refrigerants, lists over 100 refrigerants. Download nomenclature of organic compounds chemistry notes for iitjee main and advanced examination.

Ae88 20 to 40 ton zpkc and zrkc copeland scroll air. Dil is primarily engaged in developing indoor comfort products and refrigeration. Refrigerants are classified by ashrae, and their friends r numbers are assigned in accordance with certain rules. This refrigerant was introduced commercially in the early 1960s for low temperature applications and is particularly suitable for hermetic compressors. Many accounts will trace refrigerants all the way back to the mid1700s when scientists were doing early experiments with evaporation and noticing that the temperature would drop significantly. Refrigerants and their application presented by thomas e. Possibilities of changeover from cfchcfc based refrigerants to hfc or hfo. In addition, some states or municipalities may have additional requirements that must also be adhered to for. Refrigerant characteristics gtac21a discusses refrigerant types, characteristics, and oil compatibility of pure azeotropes, and zeotrope blends. Pdf nomenclature of organic compounds chemistry notes. Additional documents produced by the pc may be available for direct download or for purchase through the ashrae bookstore, as noted below.

For example, the classification of halogen refrigerants derived from saturated hydrocarbons and consisting of only one substance is illustrated in fig. Indirect systems with secondary refrigerants or coolants have in sweden long been used for ice rinks and heat pumps and are today increasingly used. Refrigerants a refrigerant is a substance or a heat carrying medium which during a refrigerant cycle absorbs heat from a low temperature system and discades the heat absorbed to high temperature system, its a medium of heat transfer through. The naming system was firstly developed only for chlorofluorocarbons cfcs by t. For example, classification of refrigerants derivatives of hydrocarbons, saturated and consisting of one substance only shown in the example below. While such nomenclature is intended to distinguish specific attributes, nonuniform usage may result in confusion. The engineering nomenclature of refrigerants, as defined by ashrae socalled r names, and iupac nomenclature are compared. Working principle under this heading, we have the primary or common refrigerants and the secondary refrigerants. However, unlike their more common counterparts, the. It also establishes a system for assigning a safety classification to refrigerants based on toxicity and flammability data, and provides a means of determining the refrigerant concentration limit. The process is not easy, and although there are alternatives to old refrigerants.

Refrigerants are divided into groups according to their chemical composition. Refrigerant acts as a transportation medium to move heat absorbed in the evaporator to the condenser where it is rejected. In replacement nomenclature, the heterocycles name is composed of the carbocycles name and a prefix that denotes the heteroatom. The refrigerants are numbered with an r, followed by the hfcnumber, given by the rules of the fluorocarbons numbering system.

Dil is a global fortune company which celebrated its 90th anniversary in may 2014. A comparison between refrigerants used in air conditioning. It focuses on proper application and safe handling for new, replacement refrigerants used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Refrigerant history and nomenclature part 1 forward engineers. Support documents the following documents are provided to assist applicants in preparing applications to sspc 34 for refrigerant designations and safety classifications. Classification of safety characteristics of refrigerants iso 817. History modern refrigeration methods, as distinguished from the use of ice and snow, go back to the early part of the 19th century. May 03, 2020 nomenclature of refrigerants or designation of a refrigerant refrigeration and air conditioning mechanical engineering notes edurev is made by best teachers of mechanical engineering. Having a nomenclature system in place for medical devices facilitates their management and regulation by standardizing terms that enable communication despite linguistic and other barriers.

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