Girl names for my book characters

When writing my novel the actress, i needed a name for a japaneseamerican criminal defense attorney, and the name gary kwan burst upon me. As the days grow shorter, how about some night owl names for girls. First time ive seen my name on a list, and they hit the nail on the head. Back, i tell you, back pokes people with a stick xd you will probably see these names in my story.

Literary girl names from classic books such as scarlett and scout are fashionable. In the literary baby names category, as always, feel free to think about your. Only thing was, as soon as the thousands of copies of hardcovers were printed and shipped to stores, i heard from a reader who pointed out the simple fact that kwan is a chinese surname. These 90 literary baby girl names are perfect for bookworm parents and we love their meanings. These book character costumes, inspired by classic picture books and ya novels, are perfect whether youre dressing up for book week or trickortreating for halloween. This list of general girls names is divided into three tiers. Top female characters from childrens books scholastic. If youve got a love of literature and a baby on the way, no doubt youre looking for a baby name thats got character or is actually a character from a book. The 7 rules of picking names for fictional characters. This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional books. Ive expanded this list to 200 names in my book master lists for writers.

Novels, tv shows, movies and comic books are great sources for baby names. Literary names for girls that have become television shows or movies such as game of. The 100 most lesbianish first names, ranked by lesbianism. Writing adolescent fictioncharacter namesgirls wikibooks, open. See more ideas about fantasy names, names and names with meaning. In the first tier are roughly the top 400 names among girls of high school age in. This list is subjective for sure, and only comprised of characters i have read and would read with my children. The right name can help the reader easily identify each character. Use this list to find the top 10 most commonly used names for both boys and girls. Before adding a name, please check all three tiers to. In the first tier are roughly the top 400 names among girls of high school age in the past few decades. The 100 most beautifully unusual first names with images novel. It has lists of character names for contemporary heroes and lists of. Read a girl names from the story girl character names by maplefoot with 35777 reads.

Personally, my three favourite girl names ever are dawn, willow and ivy. Writers resourcescharacter name listsfind names for your characters. These literary baby names for girls are derived from characters in books from all genres and periods. Head to a baby name website and search for names by gender, popularity, and alphabet. Character name generator whether its a daring leader, a creature of fantasy or an evil villain, well find the perfect name for your character. I love strong female characters because they mirror the girls and women in my own life. Weve rounded up 116 of our favorite iconic characters for you to choose from. A couple of clicks, and you may come away with a completely new and interesting name.

Rare 1885 baby names baby baby girl names rare nam girl names girl names 19 girl. Read story list of girl names by alwaysembarrassed carly with 45,392 reads. Thesauruses, plots, character traits, names, and more. Hermione is a pretty name and also the name of the best character in. The 100 most beautifully unusual first names character names. Baby names from classic books are ideal for your future. Drawing book name genorator new love meaning names names. My website agents book books business of writing epic fantasy fantasy giveaways indie publishing new release publishers ravanmark self publishing series specials story mechanics website stuff writers bookshelf writers craft writing writing exercises writing resources. Are you writing a book and need a name for your character. I am surrounded by amazing women and i want to see them in the books i read with my kids. Girl names from childrens books are particular popular today, including alice in wonderland and eloise at the plaza. Of course these lists are flexiblenames can often be used either way. These literary baby names for girls are derived from characters in books from all.

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