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Their aperture needs to be set on the camera, which is. We suggest you read this instruction manual thoroughly before using the instrument. Rolleiflex camera instruction manuals, rollei camera. Rolleiflex 6008 integral users manual instruction manual. Accessories features part names and functions connections. I will be adding more items to this section over time, so please check back and consider signing up for my newsletter if you havent already. Film camera rollei prego 90 af instructions for use manual 83 pages. Radiotelex user manual 6006 download sailor 6300 mfhf radiotelex user manual 6006 russian download. Rolleiflex sl35 repair manual parts list usamera parts. Rollei rolleiflex 6008 src rolleiflex 6008 af posted 11504 1023 11 727. Kenwoodka6004ownersmanual pdf kenwoodka6006schematic pdf kenwoodka6011schematic pdf kenwoodka6011servicemanual pdf. Sailor 6006 message terminal 10 discontinued polaris electronics. Digital presentation of a genuine rolleiflex sl35 repair manual, parts list and exploded views. I have the opportunity to purchase a used rolleiflex slx in mint condition with 80mm planar lense, hood, battery pack, wire remote, manuals, etc.

View and download rollei rolleiflex 6006 user manual online. Connecting to a device with digital audio input connectors. Rolleiwideuser manual wide angle rolleiflex rolleiwide in practical use user manual scan of original user manual for the rolleiwide tlr with searchable text. Page 1 rolleiflex sl 66 user manual revised and updated by rolleiclub 2002 page 2 rolleiflex sl 66 parts lens mount locating mark lens carrier panel and tilt magazine back door release catch waist level finder focusing hood release button each side carrying strap connector each side depth of field scale distance scale meter or feet. Rolleiflex 6008 af film camera pdf manual download. The 6008 af can use older, nonpqpqs lenses as well lenses for rolleiflex slx, 6002, 6006. Connecting an ipod or usb memory device to the usb port. User guide for rollei camera, free instruction manual. This is an earlier version of the camera built in germany. Rolleiflex rollie camera instruction manuals problems opening pdf files or printing problems click here list of many other camera manuals collected. Rolleiflex 6008 integral 2, rolleiflex 6008 integral2.

We have 1 rollei rolleiflex 6006 manual available for free pdf download. Rolleiflex 6006 instruction manual, user manual, pdf manual, free. Collegamento di dispositivi dotati di connettori del telecomando. Rollei practical accessories rollei manual various models rollei e19 e22 flash unit rollei beta 4 rollei 121 bc rollei 4 reb b. Getting a rolleiflex 6006 and selling my hasselblad 500 cm. If you are interested in buying some rolleiflex cameras or accessories, visit. Rolleiflex sl35e repair manual parts list download. Switching the function of the volume buttons on the remote control tips.

Rolleiflex 6006 manuals and user guides for rollei rolleiflex 6006. This may take 3 full minutes for all images to appear. Not easy to find, but if you love the square, or 645, format, this is the ticket. Rolleiflex 6002 rollei e27c rolleiflex 6003 rollei prego 90 af eng. If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the full manual. Picture of pentacon 6 set of manual extension tubes chrome pentacon 6 set of manual extension tubes chrome. A prototype stillvideo camera based on the sl2000f was also sold at.

The repair manual includes all postproduction updates. Rollei digital camera operation manual 35, 35 s, 35 st. Since this is a quantum leap up from my yashicamat 124g, i would appreciate any advice from those who have used this camerapluses and minuses, etc. Manual rolleiflex 6001 professional english manual rolleiflex 6006 professional english 2x manual rollleiflex 6006 professional german rollei fototechniek brochure leaflet dutch rollei fototechnic brochure german prufzertifikat rolleiflex 6000 2x garantieurkunde rollei 6001 prof please note. Film camera rollei 35 t operation manuals 18 pages. Digital presentation of a genuine rolleiflex sl35e repair manual. Download available immediately after payment is accepted. In addition to the af and afd lenses a variety of manual schneider and zeiss lenses can be used. During disassembly, be sure to turn the power off 1. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product. Page 103 for slx, 6002 and 6006 range of ev 5 to 19 is smaller than with pq lenses. Rollei schneider aposymmar 90mm makro f4 pqs lens f 6001, 6003 and 6008 63348. Such a mentality brought us the leica m3, the timeless, gorgeously overengineered icon that needs no introduction. This is a class ii laser tool and is manufactured to comply with crf 21.

Rollei 6003 pro repair manual the previous announced study to see f a digital back for the rolleiflex sl66 would be possible has ended. Wide angle rolleiflex rolleiwide in practical use user. With these, shutterspeed when using the lenses of the rollei. Rollei 6003 pro repair manual the international rollei club. Sailor 6300 mfhf radiotelex user manual sailor 6000 radiotelex user manual,russian. I highly recommend making a user account if you are purchasing downloads. Connecting devices with remote control connectors connecting the power cord. The manual also includes repair information for the planar 50mm 1. Test reports and other information pascals rolleiflex pages. Below you can view and download the pdf manual for free. A pdf datasheet from rollei for the 6001, 6002 and 6008 is available here. Rolleiflex 6008, 6001, 6002, 6003, 6006 anatomy films. Rolleiflex t instruction manual, user manual, rolleiflex t.

Rollei made the 6001, 6002, 6003, 6006 and 6008 models. Dehm6006zh,m6017zh cd player service precautions 2. Manuals, brochures, and other downloads rolleiflex usa. The rolleiflex 6006 is a medium format tlr system camera manufactured by rollei, braunschweig, germany it was a further development of the rolleiflex slx. Unfortunately there was not enough interest to even consider a prototype. Rolleiflex 6006 instruction manual, user manual, pdf. Afd lenses can only be used with the hy6 afi since they lack an aperture ring. Connecting a tvdevices with digital audio connectors.

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