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Why does cherry say she can fall in love with dally. In the novel the outsiders, what would the character ponyboy. Oct 25, 2007 the outsiders is ranked 43rd on the american library associations top 100 most frequently challenged books of 19902000, and 38th on their 19901999 list. Hinton tells the story of 14yearold ponyboy curtis and his struggle with right and wrong in a society in which he is. Get an answer for what are the problems that the socs and the greasers faced in the outsiders.

What genre would you consider the book, the outsiders. What does cherry look like in the book the outsiders. Sherri cherry valance cliffsnotes study guides book. Valentines day collection home valentines day collection page 1 of 6. Sherri cherry valance, a girl from a wealthy family and the girlfriend of a soc named bob, is the biggest female character in the outsiders. I think this is so because some of the boys compete in rodeos and some have horses. The theme of individual identity in the outsiders from. The food coloring left a beautiful color rainbow on each piece of paper, which we decided to turn into a valentines day book. Towheaded and shiftyeyed, dally was anything but handsome. You did not like it at all and you felt completely trapped whenever you found a socs letter in your mailbox. Rounding out the main cast were kim walker as cherry valance, a soc who. Cherry is a typical representative of the golden youth, which values the popularity of the school. Sherri cherry valance is a soc girl who plays a big role in the outsiders, making her the main female, and the supporting deuteragonist of the outisders. In the end, ponyboy is acquitted and left in the custody of darry.

Sep 16, 2011 sherri friendly, tough, pretty girlfriend of robert bob sheldon lover of movies, books, and cheerleader who feels regret, guilty, and scared of everything around who needs respect from h. Differences between the outsiders book vs movie page 2. However they dont have the money to send him to college, and darry has to work roofing houses. Cherry s selfawareness shows her characters complexity. Cherry valentine tells ponyboy that things are rough all over. In setting and ponyboys character analysis, we talk about cherry as a unifying agent when she meets pony, she has already formed the idea that greasers and socials are connected through basic. The question and answers are in the secondary solutions, the outsiders. Grant from davidson college friends of the arts, davidson students hosted the first outsiders monologues on monday, april 14, 2014. Identity by alex herm johnny page 48 in the outsiders well i wont.

Question and answer may not be the same in the book. It seems like theres gotta be someplace without greasers or socs, with just people. And she is, perhaps, until her boyfriend, bob, is killed. The girls say no to the cigarettes, but johnny and pony accept. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel, butdid most of the work when she was sixteen and a junior in high school. The outsiders study guide contains a biography of author s. These cards smell exactly like strawberries and cherries and. He thinks cherry is much different from her friend. Even though she regards drinking alcohol as disgusting, and obeys the rules of being a soc, she finds herself drawn to crude, violent guys like dallas winston. E hinton, darry was a grown up boy, smart and brawn, who was the leader of a gang called the greasers and was a guardian for his brothers.

Soon dally walks off to the concession booth, and cherry and ponyboy start talking. Terms in this set 11 what did cherry say was the main difference between the socs and the greasers. Jo ellen misakian, a librarian at lone star elementary school in fresno, california, and her students were responsible for inspiring coppola to. In this lesson, we will learn about the main female character in the outsiders by s. The character of cherry valance in the outsiders from. Cherry s real name is sheri, but people call her cherry because of her red hair. A scene where ponyboy runs into cherry at school, but she walks away from him. Also they are described as being social and meanrude in the novel. She has received the nickname cherry because of her long red hair, which she occasionally wears pinned up. Valentine s day was the one holiday that you never liked. She was cute, but that cherry valance was a real looker.

Find the quotes you need to support your essay, or. Johnny wishes for no rivalries or social classes, he just. She sees both sides of the social levels, and is not filled with hatred or a sense of. Hintonaccording to wikipedia, the outsiders is a comingofage novel by s. Outsiders cherry and ponyboy one of my favorite scenes. Cherry, and randy lead him to reflect on the path his life is taking. And the outsiders at davidson the brave, the daunted, and the vulnerable spoke out on monday night. He is the most thoughtful of his gang, and the story is told from his point of view. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel but did most of the work when she was 16 and a junior in high school.

Cherry recognizes her weakness for the sex appeal of lawless men, even though she is a classy girl who drives a corvette. The outsiders has been one of the most popular book among teens and preteens since it came out in 1967. He grinned suddenly, raising his eyebrows so that they disappeared under his bangs. Which might explain why i still love reading the outsiders a book that i first came to love as a kid and why so many others are still reading it five decades after it was first published in 1967. Two bit mathews triplet the three poem cherry bright red hair, cannot easily be scared watches sunsets with great care. Dec 18, 2015 for all my lovelies who love the outsiders this is for you, the part 2 edition. I think the town is out west somewhere even though it is not named. The outsiders is a 1983 american comingofage drama film directed by francis ford coppola, an adaptation of the 1967 novel of the same name by s. Generally, a comingofage story is one in which events lead. The outsiders, chapter 3 question and answer incomplete. The movie is missing lots of detail and the book is far more interesting then the movie. In the outsiders, a weed is a tobacco cigarette, not a marijuana one. Sherri valance is the beautiful cheerleader who asks ponyboy to sit with her at the drivein theatre in the outsiders.

Use this to study outsiders characters learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. Outsiders imagines valentines day preference wattpad. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel, but did most of the work when she was sixteen and a junior in high school. No its not a graphic novel its a book with only words. Jan 29, 20 what words best describe cherry valence from the outsiders. Here comes the sun by the beatles cant help falling in love by elvis presley when youre gone by avril lavigne this song represents cherry because the socials like the beatles. Sherri cherry valance sherri cherry valance portrayed by. Yet in his hard face there was character, pride, and a savage defiance of the world. Character of the outsiders study guides and book summaries. Marcia wouldnt let a free offer slip by her, evident when she drinks the coke given to her by dally, in contrast to cherry, who instead throws it in the greasers face.

Jessica olivares fights for action peacemaker, dropout, handsome lover and fighter greaser for life hated life at home innocence lost johnnys. What words best describe cherry valence from the outsiders. Whats the difference between the outsiders the book and the outsiders the movie. When one night ponyboy meets her at the movies in both the book and the movie. Johnny,and darry go to the drivein and meet cherry valance and. It is a continuation to the first preferences and it also discusses your future with him, whoever he may be. On page 54, chapter 3, it clearly states cherry making a request. Read valentines day preference from the story outsiders imagines by 8supergirl8 with 10,178 reads.

The theme of individual identity in the outsiders from litcharts the creators of sparknotes. The outsiders is a terrific, well plotted and directed film that stays truthful to the book. She is cute, rich, and stands up for what she believes in. Hintons gritty comingofage story follows the greasers narrator ponyboy curtis, his protective. There is no aggression in my chapter at all, but there is in the outsiders the book, if you wanted to read that to see what im writing about. Valentine boxes for kids unicorn valentines day cards for classroom exchange 1 mailbox. Read the outsiders from the story morbius fancasts by captainbuckyamerica sarah with 431 reads. What is cherry valances real name in book the outsiders. The socs and a group of rich kids that are the enemys of the greasers.

His brother darry go to college and get a good job and career. He wonders why life is so much more difficult for him and his friends than it is for their rivals, the socs. Hintons classic story of the struggle between the socs and the greasers remains as powerful today as it was the. Jo ellen misakian, a librarian at lone star elementary school in fresno, california, and her students were responsible for inspiring coppola to make the film. He begins to question the reasons for conflict between socs and greasers, and he thinks hard about the decision to. Pony thinks the cigarette will help johnnys stop shaking. Summary of book the outsiders is about a boy named ponyboy says so on his birth certificate to prove it. Dally hit ponyboy in the head when he got out of the church. Through ponys friendship with cherry, he begins to see that things are rough all over. May 14, 2012 does cherry valance love dally in the outsiders. Jun 18, 2016 johnny and ponyboy are rushed by bob and his gang when things get out of hand.

Hinton, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Darry from the outsiders was a 20 year old boy who took responsibility and parented his brothers while keeping two jobs. Outsiders book and movie comparison book summaries. See a complete list of the characters in the outsiders and indepth analyses of ponyboy curtis, johnny cade, cherry valance, sodapop curtis, and darry curtis. The outsiders is very clear that the violence is serious and real. She is also described as having the same sense of humor as twobit, which is why they get along so well. Thats what i love about coppola, his respect for the source material. History the outsiders marcia is first seen with cherry at the. It is not surprising that friendship with outsiders will negatively affect her rating. Life is messy, bruising, but also full of intoxicating adventures.

The spy in ponyboys group is the soc girl that ponyboy befriended. This song describes cherry well because she likes dally but. Get an answer for why does cherry say she can fall in love with dally. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Cherry connects with ponyboy and provides insight about struggles faced by. Valentines day the outsiders edition the outsiders. Teen rivalry in a small southern town sets the stage for this dramatic interpretation of the novel by s. What are the problems that the socs and the greasers faced in the. The the outsiders quotes below are all either spoken by cherry valance or refer to cherry valance. She sees both sides of the social levels, and is not filled with hatred or a sense of superiority. The girl is under constant pressure from society, including bob, her boyfriend. What are quotes cherry valance said in the outsiders book. The outsiders fits into a genre of young adult fiction and is often called a comingofage novel. Ponyboy and cherry have so much in common, and ponyboy feels comfortable talking to her more so mentioned in the book then in the movie.

The book involves gang like fighting and family drama. The outsiders cherry valance by anna parent on prezi. Get an answer for in the outsiders, what are three of cherry valances personality traits. What does ponyboy tell cherry when she remarks that johnny seems to have been hurt bad sometime. Hinton about a group of teenagers living in a small town and how they treat each other. Pony realizes marcias finished the soda from dally. Cherry is kinder than the other socs and not as harsh.

It was mainly because the soc guys wrote letters to you only for your parents to question to you about them. To pony, cherry valance typifies the perfect soc girlfriend. Hinton original book and secondary solutions author of the guide book, sore of. They also talk about sodapop, whom cherry calls a doll. All products, beautiful chocolate black forest truffles business gift chocolate. The outsiders, chapter 3 question and answer flashcards. The book was challenged in south milwaukee because of its portrayal of violence, language, drug and alcohol abuse, and the fact that virtually all the characters were from broken homes. The greasers are the main groupgang in the novel with all the characters that i explain on the characters page.

For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one. Why was ponyboy rude to cherry in the book the outsiders. Whats great about that sequence is that ponyboy believes her. Ponyboy and his greaser gang fight rival gang the socs short for socials, the wealthier, more preppie kids and try to make a place for themselves in the world. The outsiders book and movie difference by erin ohara on. High quality the outsiders inspired greeting cards by independent artists and designers from around the world. Cherry, a cheerleader, attends the same high school as ponyboy. The outsiders how are ponyboy, cherry, and johnny alike. Through the grassroots organization we can working to empower. Character bio poems soda tough, young, kind, active relative of ponyboy, darry lover of sandy who feels sadness who needs his family who fears of going into a boys home who gives happiness who would like to see his girl again resident of east side hood curtiswritten by richard vasquezdallas strong, big, trouble, aggressive relative of mom, dad lover of parties who feels. Greasers cant walk alone too much or theyll get jumped, or someone will come by and scream greaser. A courtroom scene where cherry, randy, and ponyboy all make statements. Hinton tells the story of 14yearold ponyboy curtis and his struggle with right and wrong in a society in which he is an outsider.

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