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Facebook s premier group for everything and everyone sidemount diving. The padi sidemount diver course with sa scuba shack. Sidemount diving scuba diving center gdansk, poland. Sidemount diving came out of the cave diving areas.

The choice is simple choose sidemount success choose sidemounting. Buying new sidemount bcd and setting up the equipment. Feel free to join and invite others whom you know to join. Sidemount course 11 h 29 min split over 76 videos admin steve september 6, 2016 you can purchase any of these packages you will get access to the sidemount course videos. The online training is a treasure trove to any diver seeking sidemount knowledge. Video was taken during a recent advanced sidemount nomount course. Train with the best using the bogaerthian system, but be warned. The new sditdi sidemount diver program is far more than just another how to book on sidemount diving. Find a new and different way to configure your cylinders with the padi sidemount diver course.

Along with learning about the many benefits of diving with a sidemount configuration, during one confined water and three open water scuba dives youll learn how to. Properly assemble and configure sidemount scuba diving equipment. Side mount scuba diving steve martin, technical instructor trainer. Get equipment designed specifically for side mount by the real experts. Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has diving cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver. Google search sidemount diving and you will find tons of material, from elementary to advanced, on issues that a diver who is considering sidemount might care about. On top of this, all of this information is available as an sdi. Subscribe to steve martins online video training today. And, yes, go take a sidemount course as having an expert set of eyes depending on the instructor is important for tuning trim. This is area has the rigs along with the accessories you need to make proper use of the gear. The courses are taught in the mountain lakes and caves of switzerland.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of diving side mount. Tecline avenger side 16 and scubatech regulators r2 ice. Sidemount diving here is the place to discuss your progression into sidemount, the whys, the chosen gear configuration and the experiments. Turn on looping for your embedded video so it will play over and over and over and over and over and you get the idea. Sidemount cavern diving chac mool this weeks video of the week, comes from cenotes, mexico.

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